Crossover Divers

Once you have joined the club you will be recognised at a similar BSAC grade to your current diving qualification (see table below).  You can then dive with the Club and also have the choice of either remaining at your existing diving qualification or take further BSAC training.

Note that you will have to present evidence of the qualifications you already hold in the form of original and authenticated certificates, training records in other agency logbooks, etc. 

You will also be expected to attend a brief (approx. 1hr) 'Induction to the BSAC' lesson based on parts of the BSAC Ocean Diver training programme OT1 and OT4, which will:

  • Describe how the Branch structure works
  • Outline the aims, beliefs and function of the BSAC as the governing body.
  • Outline what BSAC membership offers.
  • Provide an overview of the BSAC '88 Decompression Tables.
For more information about crossing over to BSAC from a different training agency see: Below
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