About Us

Sub-aqua Club is Branch 67 of the BSAC and it is important to stress that we are a diving club, not a diving school. If you merely wish to learn to dive and then take no further part in club activities, there are many commercial organisations catering for this need.  However, if you would like to join a like-minded group of people diving all around Scotland at all times of the year and carrying out numerous activities from underwater photography to wreck exploration then you will be most welcome as a member of this branch.

This year the branch bought a new boat and trailer (see the pictures on the Facebook page). We also own cylinders, regulators & buoyancy compensators available for members to use at a modest rental (free for training).

Whatever your present level of experience, as long as you are fairly fit and can pass a basic swimming test, we have qualified volunteer instructors and experienced divers who will guide you through the training necessary to fully partake in the branch's open sea and freshwater diving activities.


The sport of diving underwater can certainly be described as rapidly growing, the advances in diving equipment and training techniques are enabling more and more people each year to venture underwater in safety and comfort to experience the thrill and adventure that the undersea world has to offer.

The British Sub-Aqua Club (BSAC) is the world's largest diving club and functions through many hundreds of local branches administered and guided by the BSAC headquarters.  Qualifications gained through BSAC are recognised all over the world.

Each branch is an autonomous club with its own committee, funds and equipment, but throughout the BSAC standards of training and qualifications are common. This means all other branches accept qualifications and experience gained with one branch and so, as a member of the Aberdeen Branch of the BSAC, you will be part of a world-wide fellowship of sport diving.