About Us

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Aberdeen Sub-aqua Club is Branch 67 of BSAC and it is important to stress that we are a diving club, not a diving school. We dive locally all year round and organise trips using our own boat or commercial operators. We have a some kit that we can lend to members who are still building their own sets of equipment. During 2018 we took our boat to Loch Fyne on two occasions and used it to explore many dive sites on the North-East coast and the Moray Forth. We also organised trips to Lochaline and Eyemouth. There was much local shore diving, including weekend and evening dives, and dives at Boddam quarry to test kit and for training, or when sea diving was impractical due to the weather. We are currently planning our programme for 2019,


The British Sub-Aqua Club (BSAC) is the world's largest diving club and functions through many hundreds of local branches administered and guided by the BSAC headquarters. Qualifications gained through BSAC are recognised all over the world.

Each branch is an autonomous club with its own committee, funds and equipment, but throughout the BSAC standards of training and qualifications are common. This means all other branches accept qualifications and experience gained with one branch and so, as a member of the Aberdeen Branch of the BSAC, you will be part of a world-wide fellowship of sport diving.