2 evening dives, 2 new members & an octopus

Post date: 07-Jul-2018 09:57:02

Tuesday 3/7: 2 club divers and a prospective member dived at Cove shortly after 6pm. In the harbour it was crystal clear and we headed south west to pick up the wall. We came across a big lobster in a hole. By now, Cove was living up to its murky reputation. However along the wall we spotted another big lobster, masses of crabs and some squat lobsters. After the dive Rafal said he would join, so welcome Rafal! Dive time 42 minutes, max depth 10m, 12 degrees.

Wednesday 4/7: 5 divers launched the boat from Catterline at about 5 pm. We went south through the bird sanctuary (which was fantastic) until we reached a small rocky island. Two dropped in near the island and two near the cliff. We were immediately visited by curious seals. We had a varied dive around boulders, across a kelp field, a shingle bottom and a muddy bottom, and along a series of gullies. We saw loads of life including an octopus eating a crab. On putting up the DSMB, seals returned and cavorted around us during the safety stop. Dive time 41 minutes, max depth 10m.

Thursday 5/7: Eric decided to rejoin the club after many years away. Welcome back Eric!