Up Coming SDCs

Post date: 05-May-2011 06:48:36

Hi folks,

That last discussion thread rather exhausted me and I forgot to look at my calendar. Consequently, I forgot to remind you all of the upcoming DPM. Sadly, that event booking is now closed ;o(

But there are other events coming up, and you can get stuff signed off with them too.

Chartwork & Position Fixing - 4 & 5 June.This is a much forgotten but extremely useful SDC. For you more experienced divers who are bored with the same old dives learn how to read and work charts to the max, find those interesting dive sites - drifts, wrecks and walls - and learn how to identify them from the boat. For you less experienced , wipe away the veil of how your experienced members find hyour dives sites so you can step into their shoes when they leve or go off and have families.

Our club has recently foumnd some excellent dive sites on Loch Duich thanks to our experience of chart reading (and Google Maps).

This course doesn't actually sign off, but it probably should, elements of both DL and AD syllabus. The course syllabus is wider ranging than areas covered in either of these DTS courses. The knowledge imparted through both the classroom and practical sessions is invaluable in making your diving, boat handling and dive trips more exciting.

There is a list as long as a tall lanky persons arm on the syllabus as to why you and your dive buddies should book on to this course.

There is no entrance qualification for this course. Although experience of boat diving and handling boats is advantageous.

Also in June, there is an Advanced Deco Procedures course. This course expands on your NITROX knowledge learnt during your Ocean and Sport Diver syllabus and extends the Advanced NITROX qualification with the new accelerated deco tables.

Another two day course, with classroom and practical 'off the boat' training.

Please book these and all your planned SDCs at the North Scotland SDC booking site:


Note: Please send your qualification info and cheques to the area coach organising the course. They will contact you with their contact details when they receive your booking request.

Lastly, a note on course cost following the previous discussion thread. Following the PRM course, which did not have the anticipated expenses, students were refunded the difference.

Best regards,